The Quilting Circle is on a mission!


The Quilting Circle at SRI needs your help!  They are on a mission to independently raise $1,500 needed to purchase a quilting machine for their quilt raffle contests.  They are well on their way, using proceeds from their arts & crafts sales over at their online store: Art, On the Contrary.  Any help, either through a purchase at the art shop, or a direct donation here would be greatly appreciated!  This machine will greatly expedite our quilt production process and will make our group unstoppable!  Also, please take a moment and use the links above to LIKE and SHARE this page with your friends and family!  Thanks so much!

Donation Information

I would like to make a donation in the amount of:

$20 $10 $5


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Please do not publish my name. I would like to remain anonymous.

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